Ecosystem Assessment

Ecosystem monitoring and analysis, to assess biodiversity and how your project interacts with the natural environment. An understanding of how your project interacts with the natural environment can make or break a project. Our biologists specialize in assessing the habitats of aquatic, terrestrial and avian organisms.

Geospatial Analysis

Let us help you with all of your mapping and spatial analysis needs with our state of the art UAV. Specializing in ArcGIS, our expert GIS consultants are able to collect unique geospatial data from satellites or our state-of-the-art UAV, providing data conversion, mapping and geospatial analysis to help determine the influence geography plays on your project.

Modelling and Analysis

Whether it be understanding how the landscape is changing over time, or forecasting shifts in habitat, we've got you covered! Understanding how the changing environment is going to impact your projects in the future, is vital to being adaptable. We work with your organization to collect data today to model the changes of tomorrow. Let us know how we can help you understand the world around you.

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