Proficiency Training

Quality assurance (QA) staff are the first line of protection in ensuring that product that makes it to the shelves is every bit as good as it is when it leaves the brewery. As a result, ensuring that a proper training program is in place for staff is vital as a your business continues to grow.

The Problem:

Brewing staff can come from a wide range of backgrounds, as a result ensuring proper laboratory methods may not be of top of mind. Additionally, emerging breweries may lack sufficient resources to put in place, industry standard QA/QC methods.

The Solution:

Staff Education and Training

Education and science is a natural link for us to make. Our highly trained laboratory staff are experienced in teaching and employing standard laboratory methods. We offer training programs aimed at assisting breweries develop their own in-house QA/QC monitoring program. Programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Microbial identification and analysis
  • Laboratory methods and aseptic techniques
  • Routine testing of ABV/IBU/Colour
  • Development of in-house monitoring protocols
  • Customized training


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