Beverage Analysis

From ABV to IBU and all the other fun acronyms, let us help you ensure product consistency and reproducability.

Water & Wastewater

Great water makes great beer. Let us assist you with process water analysis and in-process wastewater profiling.

Microbial Analysis

Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and wild yeasts are three organisms that can make you lose sleep. Let us help you sleep well!

Training and Support

Thinking of taking your QA/QC program to the next level? Let us help you put together a meaningful plan and help you along the way.

Being a microbrewery with limited space, QA/QC is challenging. RiverLabs staff have gone out of their way to help us out and build standards for our beers. Their professionalism and awesome service is one of the key factors of our success

Mario Bourgeois
Cassel Brewery

Beverage Analysis

A well crafter beer is equal parts passion and science. It is this combination of dedication and knowhow that defines your products’ signature taste. Let us help you ensure that your product is consistently the best it can be!

Wastewater Analysis

Breweries produce as much as 12 L of wastewater per liter of beer. This wastewater is often high in concentration and may put you at risk of fines or other penalties. In-process wastewater analysis can establish a baseline and identify target areas to reduce wastewater pollutants produced.

Water Analysis

Good water makes great beer! Assess seasonality, variation and equipment change impacts on intake water to ensure a consistent profile.

Microbial Analysis

Spoiling organisms are a reality even in the cleanest of breweries. If you’re ever faced with these usual suspects or simply want to ensure that your internal QA program is performing well, we can provide laboratory analysis to identify the source of spoiling organisms including Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and Wild Yeast.

Training and Laboratory Support

Making the jump to starting your own onsite lab can be stressful. Let us help you! We can provide advise on what your new labs needs and offer employee training programs so your team can run your new lab effectively.

In fall 2017, we launched the Know. Your. Stuff Analytical Services Initiative to assist 40 craft breweries across Ontario. Learn more HERE!

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