How Applied Research Can Help You

Applied research is generally a term approached with trepidation, but applied research can take on many faces. Our approach to applied research is a little different to others. We work with organizations to answer key questions which they are struggling with or need to answer in order to grow.

How it Works

If you have a problem, a question about your process/product you want to answer or want to test a novel solution to long standing problem, let us know how we can help. Our applied research group spans a wide range of expertise and can provide support in everything from a benchscale proof-of-concept to a full scale pilot of your idea.

Innovation is what drives us. But we understand that innovation can take on a number of faces. This is why we apply our understanding of data analysis, experimental design and critical thinking to develop meaningful projects for clients. As a result our projects range from the utilization of soil additives to the development of novel deicing agents for roadways to the development of industrial water budgets.

Ensuring Quality in a Craft Brewery

Identifying Solutions Using UAV Technologies

Diversion of a Compost's Facility's Waste Stream

Assessment of Habitat of SAR on Transportation Infrastructure

Improving Road Safety Agents

Wastewater Treatment Improvement Studies

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