Our Story

RiverLabs is the Applied Research and Technical Services extension of the River Institute, a not-for-profit research institute and discovery center aimed at understanding the complex dynamics of aquatic ecosystems while promoting science through education and outreach. RiverLabs leverages more than 20 years of environmental and technical expertise to solve problems for clients.

Along with our network of private and public partners, we work with stakeholders to improve efficiency, maintain quality, and test innovative ideas and solutions. We apply our expertise and resources to solve problems related to sustainability across a wide range of industries, with much of our work focusing on reducing negative environmental impacts. Respect and care for the planet on which we live is core to our vision. That is why all of our projects aim to leave the world a little better than it was before.


We help companies, organizations, and communities bridge the innovation gap between today and a more sustainable tomorrow.

RiverLabs and St. Lawrence College
Partnership Project with Plantee Bioplastics

Riverlabs, in partnership with St. Lawrence College, assessed tensile properties of Plantee’s novel biodegradable SmartBIOPolymer® product. The material is a potential alternative to the plastic materials traditionally used to make fishing lines, nets, and other aquatic accessories in the fishing industry. The project team helped to validate the extent to which the material degraded under different water conditions, while also testing the tensile strength of the material under different simulations. Leveraging our team’s expertise in water quality analysis, RiverLabs provided Plantee with valuable data that will ultimately help them throughout the product development process.https://youtu.be/QsMf7n30IRI

RiverLabs and St. Lawrence College
Partnership Project with Grafoid

Riverlabs, in partnership with St. Lawrence College, assessed Grafoid’s Compact Filtration System (CFS). Components of the system were tested to help validate the extent to which they were able to filter common contaminants found in natural water sources. Leveraging the River Institute’s technical services and laboratory team, RiverLabs provided Grafoid with critical insight into their product that will inform their next steps as they continue to develop their prototype and eventually enter the greywater recycling market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcl25p2rLWc&t=17s


Our multidisciplinary team will draw upon a demonstrated knowledge-base in areas of analytical laboratory services, microbiological testing, and customized research development to provide your organization with optimal and flexible solutions adapted specifically to your needs.


“We were looking for an affordable place to test our biodegradable plastics and Riverlabs more than delivered. They were very helpful in taking instructions and carrying out testing in lab and in real-life settings. Regular updates kept us up-to-date and they managed to make changes on the go. A comprehensive report at the end of the project allowed us to make necessary decisions about our product.”

Prashant Agrawal, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Plantee Bioplastics Inc.

“The St. Lawrence River Institute/ Riverlabs has played an essential role in growing the College’s research services in Eastern Ontario. They consistently produce strong project design, robust analysis, and thorough results.”

Dr. John Conrad, Director of Innovation and Business Services, St. Lawrence College