Know. Your. Stuff.

In 2017, RiverLabs partnered with Ontario Craft Brewers and the National Research Council of Canada-IRAP to provide analytical services to engage breweries across the province. 

Information Sessions

In 2017, RiverLabs launched the Know. Your. Stuff. Analytical Services Initiative (KYS). With support from Ontario Craft Brewers and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program, this initiative aimed to provide breweries across Ontario with resources to monitor production, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts.

 With this support, KYS 2017 put 40 breweries across the province in the driver’s seat. Brewer’s could elect to allocate the support to routine beer analysis, test their products for spoiling organisms, have RiverLabs conduct onsite laboratory training and much more.  RiverLabs has continued to support breweries in 2018 with an emphasis on water management.


Popularity of Requested Analyses

Distribution of KYS 2017 Participating Breweries Across Ontario

RiverLabs Program Leader, Louis Savard, held three information sessions across the province to answer questions surrounding brewery wastewater and the importance of wastewater baselining. Sessions were held at breweries in Kanata, Brantford and Gravenhurst and were open to craft brewers across the province.

Of all the analyses performed, 74% looked at finished product quality in terms of ABV/IBU/Color and microbial contamination, indicating a strong emphasis on product QA/QC. Water focused analyses accounted for 20% and the remaining 6% was for other analyses. All analyses were performed using accepted Standard Methods and, as required, follow ASBC methodologies.

"Being a brewery with limited space, QA/QC is challenging without a lab. RiverLabs have gone out of their way to help us out and build standards for our beers. Their professionalism and awesome service are one of the key factors of our success."
Mario Bourgeois
Owner & Craft Brewer, Cassel Brewery

Beverage Analysis

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Wild Yeast Presence

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Suspended Solids

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