Lab Services

Quality Control

Brand recognition in craft brewing is driven by consumer experience. Customers will associate your beer with the positive or negative experience it brings. As a result, customers are quick to move away from these bad experiences. Furthermore, customers may be more likely to advertise such disappointments to their friends and social media circles resulting in a substantial revenue loss potential for the brewery. Maintaining product quality is possible by implementing simple steps in the form of a meaningful QA/QC program. The focus of this program should be on providing a quality end product, but it should highlight each of the key processes that take place to get there. This includes each step between milling grains to packaging final product.

Fortunately craft brewers are not alone. RiverLabs is working with craft breweries across the province to help implement new QA/QC programs and improve existing programs. Our staff possess industry knowledge and are experts at taking a pragmatic look at a process to provide the best possible insight on the development of these programs. By implementing a meaningful QA/QC program, craft brewers can ensure that their products not only meet, but exceed their customer’s expectations. When issues arise, they will be well prepared to promptly address it and minimize losses.

Beverage Analysis

A well crafted beer is equal parts passion and science. It is this combination of dedication and knowhow that defines your products’ signature taste. Let us help you ensure that your product is consistently the best it can be through product analysis.

We offer a wide range of services with both package and à la carte pricing options. Below is a table of standard parameters, but if you are looking for something that isn’t listed or have an off the wall request, contact us to discuss.


DescriptionMinimum QuantityNormal Turnaround Time
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)1 bottle or can3-5 business days * ^
Bitterness (IBU)1 bottle or can3-5 business days ^
Colour1 bottle or can3-5 business days ^
Diacetyl (VDK)2 x 355ml bottles or
2 x 453ml cans
3-5 business days
Shelf Life Analysis6 bottles or 6 cans7-10 business days
* denotes accredited parameters
^ denotes parameters available for rush analysis

Microbial Analysis

In a brewery setting, microbes are an essential partner in producing a quality end product. However, it is crucial for brewers to follow proper techniques to prevent unwanted, spoiling microbes from contaminating their final product. Contamination by spoiling organisms has the potential to produce off-flavours and hazes, as well as reduce shelf-life stability. Proper cleaning and product monitoring are essential in preventing widespread contamination in every brewery. RiverLabs runs a CALA certified analytical laboratory1 to meet your brewery’s microbiology testing needs. Not only will we test your beers for spoiling organisms, but we will also work with you to identify possible sources of contamination and assist you to find a resolution.

Some of RiverLabs’ most commonly requested microbiology services regard lactobacillus, pediococcus, and wild yeast