Our Mission…

Our mission is to leverage our unique expertise and provide science based solutions to our clients and partners while supporting the sustainability of programs of the River Institute.



 Our Story…

RiverLabs is the Applied Research and Technical Services branch of the River Institute, a not-for-profit research institute aimed at understanding the complex dynamics which face aquatic ecosystems and promoting science through education and involvement. RiverLabs leverages the more than 20 years of environmental and technical expertise, to solve problems for clients.

RiverLabs, along with our network of partners, strives to work with industrial clients to improve efficiency, maintain quality and test innovative ideas and solutions. Although we often focus on environmental issues, we can adapt our approach to a wide range of sectors.

Having a respect for the world we live in is core to our philosophy. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring that for all of our projects we strive to leave the planet just a little bit better than it was when we started.

 In the Media…

Applied Research Staff

Louis Savard

Program Leader

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Mark MacDougall

Project Coordinator /

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Natasha Pozega

Project Development Officer /

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Technical Services Staff

Crystal Martell

Quality Assurance Officer /
Biosafety Officer

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Luc St. Pierre

Laboratory Coordinator /

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